VIDEO: How we mill the handles for our blades

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How we mill then handles for our blades

manufacturing of table tennis blades

Milling the handles: This is how we build the handles for our rackets

A large part of our production is done by hand – but the racket handles are made with real HiTec.
In this video we show you how we mill the handles for our blades and take you on a ride with our CNC milling machine ?
We are often asked why we do not manufacture the handles by hand. Quite simply because this is really about precision. 
We have been tinkering with our handle shapes for a long time – taking 1mm away here, packing 2/10mm on there – until the handles were perfectly formed in our opinion. And because half a millimeter can make a big difference, the whole thing has to be reproducible – and that is simply not possible by hand. After all, we want each of our blades to fit perfectly in the hand and our customers to get an equally perfect handles, even if they order a second blade years later.
Enjoy the ride with our milling machine ?
P.S. We warn you – the video stretches a bit ? But that’s how long it takes for a pair of handle shapes to be milled out! 

Do you have any questions about making handles for table tennis blades ?

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