Table tennis racket with penholder handle

Table tennis racket with penholder handle

Unfortunately, the selection of table tennis rackets with penholder handle in Germany and Europe is not very large. This is a real shame and therefore high time to change it!

Penholder handle: what you need to consider when buying a table tennis racket with a penholder handle

12 TT bats with penholder handle – spoiled for choice

We currently have 12 different table tennis bats with chinese penholder handles in our range so that all penholder players can find the right table tennis blade. From relatively slow defensive blades to extremely fast and hard rackets for offensive players.
Now you just have to find out which table tennis rackets suits your game best.

Penholder rackets by playing type

For a first rough overview, we have divided all 12 penholder bats into game types.

You can find detailed information on the different types of rackets in our material advice.
All 12 blades are explained here down to the smallest detail.


1. defensive table tennis bat with penholder handle

This table tennis blade is best suited for defensive penholder players:

  • 1st DEFENSIVE CONTROL: classic defensive blade with decent basic speed and a relatively soft touch. This Chinese penholder racket forgives many mistakes and is safe and easy to control.


2. all-round blades with penholder handle

We recommend these table tennis blades to all-round players, depending on their style of play:

  • 1. ULTRALIGHT: extremely light penholder, for all all-round players who want to relieve their wrist.
  • 2. MEDIUM SPEED: medium speed with relatively hard ball impact, large sweetspot
  • 3rd VARIOUS OFFENSIVE: All-round racket with a nice, soft ball impact and high spin development
  • 4. CONTROL: with this penholder racket, the focus is clearly on the extremely high control values


3. offensive table tennis bat with penholder handle

For offensive players looking for a Chinese penholder with high speed, we have the following TT rackets in our range:

  • 1st BASALT: the perfect combination of speed and feel. The basalt fiber keeps this table tennis blade elastic and gives it a particularly sensitive ball impact.
  • 2. SPEED OFFENSIVE: our classic carbon racket with a very hard ball impact and high speed for offensive table tennis players
  • 3. SPIN OFFENSIVE: for all penholder players who are looking for high speed in combination with extremely high spin and a soft feel for the ball
  • 4. Z-CARBON: also suitable for high-spin play, but a good bit harder at impact
  • 5. Z-CARBON SPEED: an extremely fast and extremely hard penholder racket, only suitable for experienced table tennis players
  • 6. WALNUT: very precise and direct ball contact at medium speed and high spin potential. Beautiful walnut look.
  • 7. WALNUT SPEED: faster than the WALNUT, hard yet sensitive ball contact and flat flight curve

QUIZ: Find out which penholder racket suits you best

Alternatively, you can also play through our RACKET QUIZ .
Although it refers to our BASIC series, it also gives you as a penholder player a lot of details and information on the various table tennis blades.

Answer 3 questions and find out which table tennis bat suits you best:

The most important facts about the penholder handle

We only build table tennis rackets with Chinese penholder handle (C-PEN). The handle has a length of 82mm, is 25mm high and 32mm wide.

Table tennis racket with penholder handle C-PEN built by SOULSPIN table tennis store and configurator
Penholder handle for table tennis bats

We currently offer 14 different materials for the racket handles.
These differ in terms of appearance, of course, but also in terms of weight.
This means you can see whether you prefer a lighter or heavier penholder grip and fine-tune the balance of your table tennis racket accordingly.

Grip materials for SOULSPIN table tennis bats compared from light to heavy

Customise your own table tennis bat with penholder handle?

That’s no problem either! You can easily customise your penholder in the configurator. If you don’t like the handle color for your penholder, simply choose a different handle.

Here you will find an overview of the different materials we use for our handles. Handle colors >>

Which rubbers are suitable for penholder players?

Chinese table tennis rubbers are currently the most popular among our customers who play Chinese penholders. These table tennis rubbers are often purchased together with Chinese penholders:

Try our penholder rackets

If you would like to test our penholder rackets at your leisure first, you can simply order a racket to test at home. We currently have 6 different test blades with C-PEN handles available.

Have you found the right penholder for you?
We hope so! If you have any questions or need help, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you find the right C-PEN for your game.

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