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  • Project 16 ST sticky rubber

    Rubber with a slightly sticky surface

    PROJECT 16 ST is an offensive table tennis rubber with a slightly sticky surface. Thanks to its non-slip surface, it is particularly suitable for extremely spin-rich topspin and counter-spin games. It is available in 3 different degrees of hardness so that you can adapt the rubber to your playing level.

    Sponges in 3 levels of hardness

    cream sponge: 52° medium hard, high speed orange sponge: 54° hard, high speed blue sponge: 56° very hard, very high speed

    Due to the hard to very hard sponge, this rubber is suitable for experienced players who play at high speed.

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  • CLEANSI 3000

    New ball cleaner

    With the CLEANSI 3000 ball cleaner, the new plastic ABS balls can be cleaned of the annoying layer of dust that makes the ball slow and takes away any grip. Clean your table tennis balls and improve their playing characteristics: no more slipping off the rubber, no more white stains, improved grip, higher speed.

    Included in the set is 1x ball cleaner CLEANSI 3000 + 10x sanding pads for replacement.

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  • ERASER glue remover

    Removing glue from blade and rubber

    With the ERASER it is possible to gently remove glue from blade and rubber. With the foam side adhesive residues can be removed from the blade without damaging the wood. The brush serves to remove adhesive residues from the sponge of the rubber. The soft bristles allow adhesive residues to be removed even from porous sponges without damaging the sensitive surfaces.

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NEW ERA Table Tennis blade straight handle Length and width


NEW ERA straight

Rubbers by Nittaku & Soulspin

We have the perfect handle for every hand.

All handle shapes

Table Tennis blades made in Germany

More than 50 years of experience in building table tennis rackets


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We at SOULSPIN love special table tennis blades – that’s why you will find only high quality and hand-made blades in our online store. All table tennis rackets are hand-made by us with great attention to detail in our workshop in Neuwied, Germany. 100% made in Germany

Design your own table tennis blades

If you want to customize your table tennis blade 100% to your own needs, you can put together your very own individual blade in our table tennis configurator. Choose from different wood types, blade sizes and handle shapes to create your perfect table tennis blade. We will exactly build this blade for you.
So you can adapt your table tennis racket perfectly to your needs. You have full control over the playing characteristics of your racket like speed, hardness, balance and weight.
Of course all handle designs can be chosen in our configuration tool. You decide which handle design you want to play on your fore- and backhand. Besides classic straight and flared racket handles, with us you can assemble very individual, asymmetrical handles.

If you have any questions about your individual table tennis blade, we will of course be happy to advise you. Just drop us a line at or give us a call.

Table Tennis blades assembled by experts

For whom does not want to design his own blade we have arranged a collection of pre-designed Table Tennis rackets.
In the ROOTS category you will find exciting handle desings we love the most. For those who like classic handles, you will find all blades with simple straight and flared handles in our BASIC series.
We have all pre-configured blades in stock and therefore they are also available at short term.

Chinese Penholder

For fans ofchinese penholder blades we build all blades as a C-PEN version for shakehand players.

Rubbers & supplies

Besides you will find rubbers from NITTAKU & SOULSPIN in our table tennis store as well as supplies like glue, edgetape & more.