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How to customize table tennis bats – this is how it works


Customise your own table tennis bats


Would you like to design your own table tennis bat? No problem! In our configurator, you can customize your perfect table tennis blade yourself – just the way you want it.

  • Adjust the speed of your table tennis racket?
  • Choose the handle shape and length yourself?
  • Determine the size of the racket blade yourself?
  • Adjust the balance of your table tennis racket?
  • Tailor the game features to you down to the finest detail?
Table tennis racket configurator SOULSPIN table tennis store

It’s so easy to customize your individual table tennis blade

1. choose the right wood type

Would you prefer a slow and easy to control blade for the classic defender or an extremely hard and fast carbon blade?

You can currently choose your perfect table tennis bat from 12 completely different types of wood to choose from.

From slow and easy to control defensive blades to extremely fast and hard carbon blades, everything is available.

If you’re not sure which type of wood suits you best, you can easily find out with the help of our QUIZ. Answer three questions about your playing style and we will tell you which of our table tennis blades suits you best.

You will also find a detailed description of each table tennis blade in the material advice. Playing characteristics etc. Once you have made your decision, you can select the appropriate wood type when putting together your table tennis bat in the configurator.

Playing characteristics of table tennis blades by SOULSPIN Table Tennis Shop

2. select the blade size

If you put together your own table tennis bat, there are 4 different blade sizes to choose from – S, M, L and the classic defensive shape DEF.

So you can choose for yourself whether your new table tennis blade should have a small, medium or large blade. Of course, we also have the typical “egg shape” for defensive rackets.

We have described all blade sizes described in detail. If you change the blade size, the balance and speed of your blade will change as well as the weight.
We explain exactly what you need to consider when customizing your table tennis racket in the material advice.
In addition, we have provided a 1:1 drawing of our blade sizes for you to download – you can simply print this out and compare your current table tennis bat with our sizes.

3. assembling table tennis bats – choosing the handle shape

Straight or concave racket handle? Chinese penholder we also build, of course.


So that left-handers can also adapt their grip perfectly to their hand, we also make all asymmetrical shapes mirrored for left-handers.
Does that sound confusing? Don’t worry! You can find more information on the different handle shapes for your table tennis bat under point 6.

5. select the handle length

As there are large and small hands, you will find all our handles in 2 lengths. 100mm and the longer version with 103mm.


Every hand is different – that’s why you can choose the grip shape for forehand and backhand separately – the way that suits you best.

We currently have 7 straight and 4 concave handle shapes. You can choose these yourself when assembling your table tennis bat. Of course, we have the classic handles that everyone is familiar with – but we also have a few special features that you won’t find anywhere else. Here we explain all the shapes for your club grip in detail.

7. select handle color

A question of appearance and weight – choose your favorite from 14 materials. Professionals use the choice of grip material to precisely control the balance of their table tennis racket. Here you will find an overview of all available colors that you can choose from when putting together your table tennis bat.

8. order a customized table tennis racket & be happy

After completing the payment, we get started and build your individual table tennis bat, which you have put together yourself.
After approx. 10-14 working days you will receive mail from us and can look forward to receiving your customized table tennis bat.

Have fun with it!

We look forward to hearing how you like it and appreciate any feedback!


Here are all the steps explained in detail

Step 1

Customizing table tennis bats – choosing the right type of wood

Choosing the right type of wood is the first and most important step when designing your individual table tennis bat.

We currently have 12 different types of wood in our range – from easy-to-control defensive racket to extremely fast and hard offensive blade with synthetic fibers. Each of these types of wood can be customized and can be combined with different types of handles.

Here you can find out more about the different types of wood and their playing properties.

Step 2

Customizing table tennis bats – The blade size

You have the choice between 4 different blade sizes – from the small blade in size S through to the extra-large DEF defensive blade. You can use the blade size to control the speed of your table tennis racket and also influence the balance of the table tennis blade.

Some players proceed purely according to feeling and personal preference, others use this option to adjust the playing characteristics of their blade to suit their individual preferences.

Step 3

The handle shape

The first step towards an individual club grip is to choose the basic grip shape.
You can choose between straight, concave and C-PEN for Chinese penholders.

The handle is fine-tuned in the next steps.

Step 4

Right- or left-handed

All handles that are asymmetrically shaped are also available in a mirrored version for left-handers.
This means that a handle which, like the shape G3 for example, normally ends flat at the bottom to the left is mirrored and ends flat to the right if you have selected the ‘left-handed’ function. The shape is marked with the suffix ‘L’ in the configurator.

It is not absolutely necessary for left-handers to order left-handed handles – this is a matter of taste. If you are not sure, order one of our test cases in advance – these are also available for left-handers.

Step 5

Customzing table tennis rackets – The handle length

You have the choice between two different handle lengths. The normal handle length is 100mm – but those with large hands often prefer a slightly longer handle. If you choose the long version, the handle of your table tennis bat will be 103mm long.
Players with large hands often have the problem that the handles of their table tennis bats are too short. The edge presses uncomfortably into the heel of the hand or the racket simply doesn’t sit well in the hand.
If you are familiar with this problem, we recommend that you select the long handle when configuring your club.

The choice of grip length is also a good way to influence the balance of the racket. If you prefer a grip-heavy blade, you can move the blade’s center of gravity towards the grip by choosing a long handle in combination with a heavier material.

Step 6 + 7

The grip shapes for forehand and backhand

Now it’s time to configure your racket handle. The special feature is that you can customize the shape for forehand and backhand. You don’t have to play a prefabricated grip, as is the case with standard rackets.

We currently offer 7 straight and 4 concave basic shapes – these are displayed depending on what you selected in step 3.
We also offer each of these basic shapes in two thicknesses, ‘thin’ and ‘thick’, so that you have even more options when customizing your handle.

If you switch between ‘narrow’ and ‘thick’, you will see that the shape of the grip itself does not change – the difference lies in the thickness of the grip. Players with large hands often prefer a slightly thicker grip and can adjust the thickness of the grip here.

A popular combination, even for players with normal-sized hands, is the choice of a thin handle on the forehand and a thick one on the backhand – this type of grip fills the palm particularly well so that the racket lies perfectly and securely in the hand.

Control the balance of the racket

Another important point here is balance control. If you want to shift the center of gravity towards the handle, then it makes sense to at least choose a thick handle design. If you prefer a more top-heavy racket, then you should choose a thin handle if this fits your hand well. You can also control the balance of your blade by choosing the grip material (see steps 8 + 9)

Here we show you in more detail how you can influence the balance of your table tennis racket:
Control balance

Here we have summarized the individual handle shapes in detail and provide tips for good combination options. Here too, we recommend ordering one of our test cases in advance if you are not sure which handle suits you best.
And if you don’t have the confidence to configure it yourself, our preconfigured table tennis blades are a good choice. The advantage of this is that you can order them risk-free and return them within 14 days as long as no coating has been applied.

Step 8 + 9

Customizing table tennis blades – The handle color

Here you have the option of selecting the material for your individual handle. You can choose from 8 natural wood handles and 6 colored Fineline handles.
On the one hand, this is a question of appearance, but on the other, of course, it is also a question of weight and balance. By choosing the right grip material, you can control the weight distribution of your club. The approximate weight of your racket is displayed live in the configurator.

The colored Fineline handles tend to be slightly lighter than the natural wood materials – we will show you a detailed overview of the different materials and the differences in weight here.


Your self-assembled table tennis bat is almost ready!

Once you are happy with your choice, all you have to do is add the configured wood to your shopping cart. Here you also have the option of adding rubbers to your order. You will then receive an order confirmation and payment details.

As soon as the amount has been credited, we will build your desired blade for you. We need approx. 10-14 working days for this. As soon as the last sealant has dried, we will send out your new racket.

Very important: Please note that all table tennis bats ordered in the configurator are custom-made products that are made individually for you. It is therefore not possible to return blade if it is not to your liking.

If you are unsure and need help customizing your racket, then call us before you order – we will help you designing your perfect table tennis racket. Alternatively, you can use our pre-configured table tennis bats – these blades can be exchanged without any problems as long as they have not yet been played.

Table tennis racket configurator

Don’t want to design it yourself?

Then simply take a look at our pre-configured Table Tennis blades, without any risk.

Here you will find all 12 types of wood with different grips – our BASIC grips are classic club grips in straight or concave.

The racket grips with ROOTS in their name are special handles. There are different variants here – some can be turned particularly quickly and easily from the forehand to the backhand. Others, on the other hand, are particularly firm and secure in the hand.

And of course you can also find Chinese penholder handles here.

All pre-configured blades can be ordered risk-free and exchanged within 14 days as long as the racket has not yet been played.