VIDEO: Glueing table tennis rubbers correctly

Glueing table tennis rubbers correctly

How to glue your rubbers on correctly

In this video we show you how to glue table tennis rubbers correctly.
All you need for this are: Table tennis racket and rubbers, glue with clamp and sponge, a roller for pressing on the rubbers and a sharp pair of scissors. If you want to speed up the drying process, you can also use a hair dryer.

In this video, we are using our CONNECT rubber glue. This rubber adhesive is suitable forall types of table tennis rubbers and can be easily removed.
But if you want something more viscous rubber glue or play a rubber with a coarse, open-pored sponge, will probably get along better with CONNECT +. This adhesive is slightly thicker in consistency, but is processed in the same way as the thinner CONNECT.
Both are latex-based rubber glues and can be easily removed from the racket and sponge. It is therefore possible to glue on multiple rubbers without any problem.

Have fun with the video!

UPDATE 2024: Wet gluing table tennis rubbers – Here we explain a new method for gluing your table tennis rubbers with a perfectly smooth surface

We now apply all our table tennis rubbers using this method because we are simply convinced of the result.

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Products we used in the video:

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