Keeping table tennis rubbers fresh – how we pack them in the Cocoon

Behind the scenes

How our rubbers are packed in the COCOON


Why we pack our rubbers in the COCOON

Playing with old table tennis rubbers is no fun at all! You can no longer build up speed, not to mention spin – who hasn’t experienced this problem?

It is particularly annoying when you buy new rubbers that have been lying in the store for ages. If rubbers are stored for too long, they lose their original playing properties, become brittle and unusable.

To prevent this from happening with our rubbers, we have thought about how to keep table tennis rubbers as fresh as on the first day.
This idea gave rise to the COCOON, a special packaging that keep table tennis rubbers fresh as on the first day – even for years.

Keep table tennis rubbers fresh in the special Cocoon packaging

The secret to fresh table tennis rubbers

Air pressure! Quite simply. All our table tennis rubbers are packed under air pressure in the COCOON – the increased pressure prevents gases from escaping from the rubber, so that the rubbers remain fresh even when stored for a long period and retain their properties remain fresh.

Update 2023 on the topic of keeping table tennis rubbers fresh

This is precisely why we have reactivated the NO TUNING AIRBOX and relaunched it on the market. In principle, the AIRBOX has the same effect and helps you to freshen up table tennis rubbers that have already been played.

You can find more information about NO TUNING AIRBOX here >>

  • No tuning airbox
    No tuning airbox
    Includes 19% VAT
    Delivery Time: ca. 2-3 weekdays

As there was a lot of speculation about whether we would fill the COCOON with chemicals, we made a short video about it. Don’t worry, it’s all pure air!

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