Control allround blade structure and properties

fast and easy-to-control All-round blade


Control - easy-to-control All-round blade

The CONTROL is a medium hard table tennis blade, which is suitable for all hitting techniques, be it block, shot, shove or spin-rich topspins - a good basis for all playing situations. The most important feature is the incredibly high control and the very precise ball stroke. It is the fastest of our all-round blades and is therefore also wonderfully suited for offensives. In terms of speed, it lies between MEDIUM SPEED and BASALT.

Cross section and veneer structure of easy to control all-round blade made in Germany by Soulspin

What characteristics does Control have?

  • extremely high control
  • medium speed
  • the fastest of our all-round blades
  • the speed is between MEDIUM SPEED and BASALT
  • large sweet spot, which offers a lot of safety
  • suitable for all hitting techniques, whether shot, stick, block, short-short or topspin
  • relatively hard ball bounce
    short ball contact time
  • ideally suited for all-round players who like to go on the offensive
  • Focus: control and precision especially when blocking and playing short games

"This blade is perfect for all players looking for a racket that is easy and safe to control. With the CONTROL you can place the balls easily and precisely, but still it has a good basic speed with which you can attack well.

It can be operated with a lot of speed and pressure without losing control. Whether block, shot or spin-rich and hard topspins, with this blade you are prepared in all positions. Despite the quite hard wood combination you don't have to do without a soft ball stroke and a lot of feeling."

Playing characteristics - Control

  • blade: Control
    • outer veneer: 0,6 mm Limba
    • intermediate layer: 1,0 mm spruce
    • core: 3,8 mm Kiri
    • thickness: ca. 7,0 mm
  • layers: 5-ply wood
  • composite fibres: none
  • game type: All-round blade
  • speed: medium speed
  • Hardness: relatively soft
  • control: very high


Blade size S

  • slightly faster than size M
  • depending on the handle it can get a bit grip heavy
  • relatively low weight
  • feels lighter than it already is because of the small blade size
  • big sweetspot and absolutely forgiving
  • absolute all-rounder

Blade size M

  • balanced weight distribution
  • balanced speed and control
  • richly varied offensive blade for the application of all techniques
  • absolute all-rounder, whether block, shot, slip or spin-rich topspin game

Blade size L

  • a little bit slower than size M
  • high control on all strokes
  • high safety with passive balls thanks to the enlarged blade size
  • despite the large blade size it is an absolute all-round blade

Blade size DEF

  • somewhat slower than Gr. L
  • well suitable for defensive players, who like to attack sometimes
  • very easy and safe to control
  • well suited for modern defence and interfering games
  • can be perfectly combined with OX rubbers

buy a Control blade 

If the CONTROL is the right blade for you, there are two possibilities:

Design your own blade

Simply configure your own CONTROL in our configurator.
You can adjust the blade size, handle shape and design according to your ideas.


Or have a look at our pre-configures blades:


Pre-configured table tennis blades that are made of control: