Structure Defensive Control defensive blade

Table tennis blade for defensive players

Defensive Control

Defensive Control - A defensive blade

The DEFENSIVE CONTROL is a light and relatively soft defensive blade, which we developed especially for defensive players. In the large defensive blade size DEF it can be played as a classic defensive blade - in the smaller blade sizes it is also suitable for players who are looking for a light table tennis blade with a soft feeling.

Querschnitt durch das Defensivholz Defensive Control von Soulspin mit Aussenfurnieren aus Fichte und Kernfurnier aus Kiri, das sich besonders gut für Abwehrspieler eignet


The most important characteristics for defensive game are:




A good defensive blade should be easy to control without losing too much speed. That's why we decided on a combination of a KIRI core veneer with particularly thick outer veneers made of SPRUCE.
The thick KIRI core provides the necessary speed, while the SPRUCE makes the wood particularly soft and sensitive.

We use only self-made and selected sawn veneers from high mountain spruce - this wood is particularly tough and very soft, which ensures long ball contact times. This allows the ball to be guided very safely and played with a lot of spin.

"The thick spruce outer layers gives the blade an extremely soft feeling and a long contact time with the ball. The longer the contact time, the more spin the stroke gets and the safer the ball can be placed. The Kiri core veneer gives the blade the necessary basic speed, so you can attack in spite of defensive play style purposefully"

playing characteristics - Defensive Control

  • blade: Defensive Control
    • outer veneer: 1,4 mm spruce
    • intermediate layer: 3,2 mm Kiri
    • thickness: ca. 6,0 mm
  • layers: 3-ply wood
  • composite fibres: none
  • game type: Defensive blade
  • speed: medium speed
  • Hardness: pretty soft
  • control: high

How do the blade sizes differ based on size M?

Blade size S

  • slightly faster than size M
  • very light blade
  • absolutely forgiving
  • very controlled ALL blade
  • helps you to get spin into the new ABS ball

Blade size M

  • moderate speed
  • low weight
  • very easy to control, therefore suitable for beginners
  • forgives many mistakes
  • well suited to learn topspin, because you can also create spin-rich topspins with slow arm movements
  • great ball feedback
  • for players who have problems to get spin into the new ABS ball
  • well controllable all-round blade

Blade size L

  • a little slower than size M
  • even easier to control
  • well suited for defensive players who don't like the typical defensive head form
  • long ball contact time, which greatly simplifies playing spin-rich balls
  • in spite of its defensive characteristics also suitable for players who like to attack

Blade size Def

  • even slower than size L
  • even easier to control thanks to the very large sweetspot
  • classic defensive blade
  • absolute all-rounder in defensive game
  • tends to be top-heavy
  • strength lies on the defense, but you can also attack with this blade
  • specifically suitable for modern defence and interfering games

Buy your Defensive control 

If the Defensive Control is the right choice for you, there are two possibilities:

create your own defensive blade

Simply configure your own defensive table tennis blade in our configuration tool. 
You can adjust the blade size, handle shape and design according to your ideas.


Or take a look at our pre-configured blades:


pre-configured blades made of the wood type Defensive Control: