Structure Ultralight

light All-round blade


Ultralight - very light Table tennis blade

The ULTRALIGHT is a very light table tennis blade for all-round players. We have chosen the veneer combination so that it is as light as possible.
This blade is well suited for players who prefer a low weight, e.g. to relieve their wrists. But also for children for whom other blades are too heavy.

Querschnitt durch Ultralight, das leichte Tischtennis-Holz mit geringem Gewicht von Soulspin

What are the playing characteristics of the ULTRALIGHT?

  • very low weight
  • medium speed
  • easy to control
  • relatively soft ball feeling
  • due to the low weight it may tend to grip-heaviness depending on the handle
  • well suited for all-round players and children
  • the ideal blade for players who want to take the strain off their wrists
  • well suited to balance heavy rubbers

playing characteristics - Ultralight

  • blade: Ultralight
    • outer veneer: 1,0mm spruce
    • intermediate layer: 1,0 mm Kiri
    • core: 2,5 mm Kiri
    • thickness: ca. 6,5 mm
  • layers: 5-ply
  • composite fibres: none
  • game type: Allround blade
  • speed: medium speed
  • Hardness: relatively soft
  • control: high

How is the low weight achieved?

When we put the veneers together, we made sure that the blade was as light as possible at the end. Therefore both the core veneer and the intermediate layer consist of extremely light Kiri.
We used 1.0mm Spruce as the top veneer. The Spruce gives the blade a good basic speed so that it does not become too slow. In addition it gets thereby a soft and sensitive ball feeling.

"DUE TO THE LOW WEIGHT blades that are made of the wood type ultralight often tend to grip-heaviness. THIS HAS THE ADVANTAGE THAT THE blade FEELS MUCH LIGHTER THAN IT ACTUALLY IS, ESPECIALLY WITH SMALL BLADE SIZES"

How to influence the weigth

You can influence the weight of your table tennis blade by choosing the blade size and handles.

The smaller the blade, the lighter your blade will be in the end, of course. However, small blade sizes always make a table tennis racket a little bit faster. So you can use the blade size to influence both the weight and the speed of the finished table tennis bat.

The same applies to the handles - you can influence the weight and balance of your blade by choosing the handle material and shape. In this article we will show you how to balance your blade.

How do the different blade sizes differ from size M?

Blade size S

  • even lighter than size M
  • absolutely controlled, but not too defensive
  • a little bit faster than size M
  • well suited to learn topspins

Blade size M

  • very light all-round blade
  • well suited to balance heavy rubbers 
  • great spin development
  • versatile all-round blade, suitable for all techniques
  • good beginner blade to learn the technique

Blade size L

  • a little slower than size M
  • well suited for defensive players who don't like the typical defensive blade form
  • very controlled and easy to guide
  • controlled attacking strokes are easily doable

Blade size DEF

  • a little slower than size L
  • very good and controlled defensive blade
  • very low weight despite the large blade size
  • makes it very easy to bring spin into the ball
  • despite its defensive properties you can also use it for offensiv attacks

buy your Ultralight

If the Ultralight is the perfect blade for you there are two options:

Configure your own Ultralight 

You configure your own, lightweight table tennis blade in our configurator and adjust the blade size, handle shape and design according to your ideas.


buy a pre-configured blade 

We have already pre-configured three blades with this type of wood for you: