Structure Spin Offensive

blade with spruce veneers

Spin Offensive

Spin Offensive - the  Alternative to Hinoki

The SPIN OFFENSIVE table tennis blade is a soft and elastic solid blade with enormous ball acceleration and impressive spin potential. The thick outer veneers of spruce give the blade a very soft ball impact. They give the blade a lot of feeling and ensure a high ball bounce and a beautiful flight curve. The playing feel therefore comes very close to the characteristics of Hinoki blades.

Furnieraufbau Spin Offensiv Tischtennisschläger mit dicken Fichte-Furnieren und weichem Ballanschlag

Playing characteristics of the Spin Offensive

  • very high speed
  • very soft ball feeling
  • very high spin potential, therefore perfect for rotation-rich topspins
  • very flexible with low vibrations
  • high ball bounce with beautiful flight curve
  • easy to control
  • soft playing feeling that comes very close to Hinoki blades
  • helps you to get spin into the new ABS balls

"Spruce blades have a reputation for being stiff and hard. This is the case when spruce veneers are used that are too thin and form a very hard layer together with the adhesive underneath.
In contrast to other manufacturers, we only use selected spruce, which is also used in piano and violin making.

In addition, we use only very thick veneers, in this case 1.6mm in total. This results in a very soft and pleasant playing feeling, which comes very close to the playing feeling of Hinoki blades."

playing characteristics - Spin Offensive

  • blade: Spin Offensive
    • outer veneer: 0,6 mm spruce
    • intermediate layer: 1,0 mm spruce
    • core: 3,8 mm Kiri
    • thickness: ca. 7 mm
  • layers: 5-ply
  • composite fibres: none
  • game type: Offensive
  • speed: high
  • Hardness: soft
  • control: relatively high

How do the blade sizes differ from size M?

Blade size S

  • more faster than size M
  • slightly harder to control than size M, therefore not suitable for beginners

Blade size M

  • high speed
  • very soft ball contact
  • big sweet spot
  • very high spin potential thanks to thick spruce veneers
  • ideally suited for offensive players with a focus on spin-rich play
  • high ball bounce with beautiful flight curve

Blade size L

  • Due to the veneer combination it hardly loses any speed compared to size M
  • slightly better to control
  • well suited for offensive players who prefer a fast offensive blade with an enlarged blade size

Blade size def

  • tends to be top-heavy depending on the handle, which makes playing topspins easier
  • well suited for defensive players, who also like to attack sometimes
  • high speed can also be generated in this blade size
  • well suited for players who have problems to bring spin into the new ABS ball

buy your Spin Offensive 

If the Spin Offensive is the perfect blade for your there are two options:

design your own spin offensive

You configure your individual Spin Offensive in our configurator and adjust the blade size, handle shape and design according to your ideas.


Or you take a look at our pre-configured blades in which we used the wood type SPIN OFFENSIVE:

  • The ROOTS 3 has a straight handle that feels great in the hand and is perfect for fast turning.
  • The blades of the BASIC series have classic straight or flared handles.
  • Or check out the SPIN OFFENSIVE as Chinese Penholder blade.


pre-configured blades that are built with the wood type spin offensive: