Structure Medium Speed all-round blade

Medium fast Allround blade

Medium Speed

Medium Speed - medium fast All-round blade

The Medium Speed is a stiff and medium fast allround blade with a relatively hard ball stroke. The hard Koto veneer provides a direct playing feeling. That's why this table tennis blade is particularly suitable for precise blocking and shooting. The large sweet spot forgives many mistakes and conveys a good ball feeling. The MEDIUM SPEED is easy to control, but still a lot of speed can be built up in the offensive. It is suitable for active and passive all-round players as well as beginners and is an absolute all-rounder in all blade sizes.

Querschnitt durch das Allroundholz Medium Speed von Soulspin

What are the characteristics of the Medium Speed?

  • medium speed without being too slow
  • relatively hard ball bounce due to the Koto outer veneer
  • stiff all-round blade
  • high ball control
  • large sweet spot, which offers a lot of safety
  • only minimal vibrations
  • ideal for active and passive all-round players
  • good blade for beginners

"The Koto veneer provides a hard ball stroke and a very direct ball feedback.

Thanks to its large sweet spot, the MEDIUM SPEED forgives many mistakes. Despite the high control, a lot of speed and spin can be built up in the offensive.

It is particularly suitable for both active and passive all-round players. It is also a good table tennis blade for beginners because it is easy to control and the speed is not too high."

playing characteristics - Medium Speed

  • blade: Medium Speed
    • outer veneer 0,6 mm Koto
    • intermediate layer: 1,0 mm spruce
    • core: 3,2 mm Kiri
    • thickness: ca. 6,4 mm
  • layers: 5-ply
  • composite fibres: none
  • game type: Allround blade
  • speed: medium fast
  • Hardness: pretty hard
  • control: high

How do blade sizes differ based on size M?

Blade size S

  • slightly faster than size M
  • a little harder than size M
  • slightly smaller sweet spot, but lower weight
  • versatile all-round blade

Blade size M

  • medium speed
  • relatively hard ball bounce
  • well controllable allround blade
  • well suited for block and counter play
  • in the offensive a lot of spin and speed can be generated

Blade size L

  • slightly slower than size M
  • tends slightly to top-heaviness depending on handle
  • the large blade size supports topspins and makes them easy
  • good all-rounder

Blade size DEF

  • a little slower than size L
  • well suited for defensive players who like a relatively hard ball stroke
  • can be combined well with OX pimples
  • top-heavy blade

buy your Medium Speed

If the Medium Speed is the right blade for you, there are two possibilities:

design your own medium speed

Simply configure your own MEDIUM SPEED in our configurator.
You can adjust the blade size, handle shape and design according to your ideas.


Or take a look at our pre-configured blades:

  • The ROOTS 2 has a straight handle that feels great in the hand and is perfect for fast turning.
  • The blades of the BASIC series have classic straight or flared handles.
  • Or try the MEDIUM SPEED as Chinese Penholder blade.


Pre-configured blades that we built using the medium speed: