Structure Speed Offensive

blade with carbon fiber

Speed Offensive Carbon blade

Speed Offensive - Carbon blade

The Speed Offensive is a fast and hard carbon blade for offensive players. Blades with carbon fiber have a high basic speed. They are suitable for the offensive player with double-sided attacking play, fast and controlled block and shot play. Typical for the carbon insert is the greatly enlarged sweet spot, the flat ball bounce and the straight flight curve.

Cross section through the carbon blade Speed Offensive - very fast and hard table tennis blade with Carbon fiber

Typical properties of Good Carbon blades

  • high basic speed
  • enlarged sweet spot
  • hard ball stroke and very direct ball feedback
  • very precise ball guidance
  • flat flight curve
  • flat ball bounce

"The carbon inlay has a vibration dampening effect, but makes the blade very stiff, resulting in the flat ball bounce and the straight flight curve. The sweet spot is increased by the carbon inlay, which significantly increases control.

Because of its high speed it is suitable for offensive players with two-sided attack play, with emphasis on fast topspin, counter and shot play."

playing characteristics - speed Offensive

  • blade: Speed Offensive
    • outer veneer 0,6 mm Koto
    • intermediate layer: 0,6 mm Ayous
    • core: 3,0 mm Kiri
    • thickness: ca. 6,0 mm
  • layers: 5-ply +2x carbon fiber
  • composite fibres: Carbon
  • game type: Offensive blade
  • speed: very high
  • Hardness: very hard
  • control: low

how do the blade sizes differ from size m?

Blade size S

  • slightly faster than size M
  • depending on the handle it can get a bit grip-heavy
  • slightly smaller sweetspot, but lower weight
  • suitable for offensive players with a hard, fast topspin game, close to the table or from half distance

Blade size M

  • high speed
  • balanced weigth
  • large sweet spot
  • suitable for offensive players with a hard, fast topspin game, close to the table or from half distance
  • almost no vibrations at all

Blade size L

  • slightly slower than size M
  • tends quickly to top-heaviness
  • slightly bigger sweetspot
  • high weigth
  • due to the high weight well suited for offensive players who act close to the table and with high pressure

Blade size DEF

  • much slower
  • heavy blade
  • very top-heavy
  • well suited for players looking for a hard blade with a large blade size
  • suitable for defensive players who also like to attack
  • well suited for defensive players who prefer OX pimples and a very hard ball stroke

buy your Carbon blade 

If the Speed Offensive is the right blade for you there are two possiblities:

configure your own carbon blade

Simply configure your own table tennis blade with carbon fibre in our configurator.
You can adjust the blade size, handle shape and design according to your ideas.


Or take a look at our pre-configured Carbon blades:

  • The ROOTS 1  has a straight handle that feels great in the hand and is perfect for fast turning.
  • The blades of the BASIC series have classic straight or flared handles.
  • Or check out the SPEED OFFENSIVE as Chinese Penholder blade.