Table tennis racket long handle

Table tennis racket with

long handle

Racket handle too short? No problem! You can also get our table tennis bats with a long handle.

Players with large hands often have the problem that the handle of their table tennis racket is simply too short.

That’s why we also offer all handle shapes as a long version
If the normal length of 100mm is too short for you, you can simply choose the long handle with 103mm.

This may sound like a small thing, but for players with large hands, 3mm can make all the difference.

If this is still too short: we also build custom-made rackets. So if you need an even longer racket grip, please send us an email and we will discuss what we can do for you.

Table tennis racket comparison long handle and normal handle

You can recognize the long handles by the fact that they are marked with C or D – e.g. G3C
This applies both to the configurator and to our ready-made table tennis blades.

Do you want to customize your own racket with a long handle?
Or would you prefer to buy a ready-made table tennis bat?

1. Design your own table tennis racket with a long handle

If you would like to design your own blade in our configurator, you can simply select the long racket handle with 103mm under “handle length”.

2. ready-made table tennis blades with long handle

Alternatively, you can find several TT blades with a long handle in our ROOTS series. If you don’t want to configure your own racket, you can simply take a look around here. All ROOTS blades have very special handles that cannot be found anywhere else.

The following ROOTS blades all have a long handle:

Test table tennis racket handles and order test case to your home SOULSPIN Table Tennis Shop
Measuring aid table tennis bat handle length
Soulspin table tennis bat comparison handle length