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Reproduction of an almost 50 years old table tennis blade

We have received an exciting request from tony from england – tony is over 80 years old and still head of his local table tennis club. he has been playing table tennis for his whole life and most of the time – nearly 50 years! – with this special blade.

“My nearly 50 years old table tennis racket is broken. Can you rebuild it for me? I can not play without this blade!

Sure, of course we do! Very gladly even!
So Tony brought the good piece to the post office and when we opened the parcel a few days later, we were surprised ourselves – Oh yes, this blade really has gone through some tough matches! How many hours has he played with it already? And how many changes of rubbers has it already survived?

The blade replica

To rebuild such a blade was a special challenge and not so easy. With such an old piece of wood, it is not enough just to rebuild the veneer structure. The ageing process and the materials used at the time must also be recreated.

  • on the one hand a blade dries up extremely over the decades
  • and the adhesives used at that time naturally had completely different properties than our adhesives today.

We have therefore removed as much moisture as possible from the wood in our drying process. Of course you can’t imitate drying for years in a short time, but we got quite close.

We also experimented with different adhesives that differ in elasticity – until we found the right ratio.

The handle

Of course the handle is decisive for the playing feeling – the original had a simple straight handle, which was rounded at the lower end. So we used the handle shape G1 on forehand and backhand, lengthened the handle a bit and sanded the round end by hand.

The final result

The replica worked well – shape and playing characteristics come very close to the original.

And to keep it in stock for the rest of his life, Tony directly ordered two pieces 🙂

We thank him for the great job and wish him a lot of fun and success with the new old blade!








Do you have questions about the reproduction of table tennis blades?

If yes, just write us in the comments below and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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3 thoughts on “Reproduction of old table tennis blades

  1. I have a provincial w968 blade that was damaged by the original seller and would like to see if it is possible to make a replica or something very close! Preferably something with a little more oomph or catapult and more balanced weight wise more so on the lighter end at 84-86 grams

    1. Sorry for the very late reply, your comment was marked as spam 🙁 Sorry for that! In case you are still interested in rebuilding your blade, just drop us a line at and we can tal about what you need.

  2. What an amazing art of works .. Could not imagine how you Soulpsin has put on this piece of arts .. Great pics also !

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