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  • Cheap bundle with all the products you need for glueing and removing table tennis rubbers available at the Soulspin Table Tennis Shop

    Gluing Set

    Ab 27,90

    Includes 19% VAT
  • CONNECT Belagkleber für Tischtennisbeläge SOULSPIN Tischtennis Shop

    Connect Glue

    Ab 9,50

    Includes 19% VAT
  • Tischtennis Belag-Kleber dickflüssig CONNECT+ 90ml

    Connect +


    Includes 19% VAT
    (172,22 / Liter L)
  • Belagpresse zum gleichmäßigen Kleben von Tischtennisbelägen

    Rubber press

    Ab 94,90

    Includes 19% VAT
  • No tuning airbox


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Eraser Belagkleber entfernen ganz einfach

    ERASER Rubber glue remover


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Pure cleaner for table tennis rubbers available at the Table Tennis Shop of Soulspin

    Pure cleaner


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Cleansi 3000 for cleaning and improving plastic balls in table tennis

    Cleansi 3000 ball cleaner


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Cleaning set consisting of the cleaning agent Pure and a lint-free sponge made of synthetic leather

    Cleaning Set

    UVP: Original price was: €9,80.Current price is: €8,40.

    Includes 19% VAT
  • Table tennis accessories complete set contains all the products you need for the care of table tennis woods and rubbers

    Bundle complete equipment

    Ab 42,90

    Includes 19% VAT
  • Racket case for table tennis rackets made of dark walnut wood with epoxy resin decor from SOULSPIN table tennis online shop

    Wooden racket case


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Tischtennis Schlägerhülle aus Wollfilz Made in Germany

    Racket cover hand-made from wool felt


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Holder for balance boards made of wood SOULSPIN Table Tennis Shop

    Holder for balance board


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Edge tape 50m roll 9mm wide buy at low price at Soulspin's Table Tennis Shop

    Edge Tape

    Ab 3,00

    Includes 19% VAT
  • Cork roller for balance board training SOULSPIN table tennis store

    Cork roller for balance board


    Includes 19% VAT
  • High quality balance board made of wood with epoxy resin logo for balance training, coordination and footwork SOULSPIN Table Tennis Shop

    Balance board

    Ab 185,00

    Includes 19% VAT
  • Lion 3 stars 40+ competition ball good plastic ball with ABS plastic inexpensive alternative in the table tennis shop of Soulspin

    LION 3 Star Competition Ball 40+

    Ab 3,90

    Includes 19% VAT
  • Refill CLEANSI 3000


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Protect the wood sealer to protect table tennis blades available at the Soulspin Table Tennis Shop

    Protect sealer


    Includes 19% VAT
    (150,00 / Liter L)
  • lint-free cleaning sponge for cleaning TT rubbers available at the Soulspin Table Tennis Shop

    cleaning sponge


    Includes 19% VAT
  • Tube is a roller table tennis rubbers and helps to glue the rubbers onto the blade. Available at the Soulspin Table Tennis Shop.



    Includes 19% VAT

Showing all 21 results

Find table tennis equipment like glue, cleaners, bags and more to care for your tabletennis blade.