Hurricane 2 NITTAKU


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The rubbers of the HURRICANE series are ideal for offensive types of players. Aggressive topspins can be implemented precisely and in a controlled manner. Both rubbers have a sticky surface and are therefore very well suited for the new plastic ball. HURRICANE 2 and 3 differ mainly in hardness. The HURRICANE 2 plays a bit harder than the HURRICANE 3 – topspins can be played very controlled, the trajectory is arched, but not quite as high as the HURRICANE 3. Especially topspins on undercut and counter topspins can be played extremely hard with the HURRICANE 2. The power of the rubber is especially noticeable with perfectly hit counter topspins. The HURRICANE 3 plays a bit softer – topspins can be played very controlled, the trajectory is relatively high and arched. The Chinese top star WANG LIQIN for example plays the HURRICANE 3. MADE IN China chinese surface combined with Japanese “Powersponge”, glued in China sticky surface

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red, black


1.8 thick, 2.0 super thick


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