Steffen Mengel AR


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The “STEFFEN MENGEL AR” is available in the following versions:

  • 1:1 original as Steffen plays it
    with special blade, straight handle 103mm long and approx. 95g
  • as a light version with approx. 87g
  • with concave handle 103mm long
  • and with a normal blade in size M

Handle color: Color 13 – black/grey


Table tennis racket Steffen Mengel AR

Steffen Mengel has had his table tennis racket customized to his individual needs. As most people have probably already seen, it has a special shape with extra space for the index finger. You can order the racket with the special blade shape or alternatively with a normal shaped blade in size. M.

Table Tennis racket with a lot of feeling

It was also important to Steffen that his blade “feels like wood” despite the carbon fiber and is not numb. The advantage of AR Carbon is that it has very high vibration damping. This means that it has a strong vibration-damping effect and provides very direct ball feedback. There are no disturbing vibrations, but instead this table tennis blade has a completely clean and unadulterated feel.
At the same time, the carbon fiber has a high speed. This table tennis blade is therefore ideal for a varied offensive game.

Racket in two weight classes

Steffen Mengel plays his racket with approx. 95g. If this is too heavy for you, we can also build a lighter blade for you. Simply select the light version. The lighter version of this table tennis blade weighs around 87g.

Playing characteristics STEFFEN MENGEL AR:

  • Wood: Steffen Mengel AR
    • Outer veneer: 0.6 mm Limba
    • AR Carbon synthetic fiber
    • Intermediate layer: 0.6 mm Ayous
    • Core veneer: 3.0 mm Kiri
    • Thickness: ca. 6,2 mm
  • Layers: 5-ply + 2x synthetic fiber
  • Synthetic fibers: AR Carbon (Outer)
  • Playing type: offensive
  • Speed: high
  • Hardness: medium hard
  • Control: medium
  • Handle color: Color 13 black-grey

Playing characteristics – Speed:

High basic speed – located between the Z-CARBON and the WALNUT

Playing characteristics – hardness:

Medium-hard table tennis racket – does not feel hard and lifeless, but has a sensitive ball impact despite synthetic fibers.


Additional information

Blade size

Steffen Mengel special form, Standard blade size M


Original approx. 95g, Light approx. 87g


Original straight, flared


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