No tuning airbox


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Racket cover for refreshing table tennis rubbers without rubber tuning

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1x air pump
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New racket cover – NO TUNING AIRBOX

Keep your table tennis racket under air pressure in our new blade box.
The result after a few hours: Your rubbers are refreshed again without tuning, but only with air.


How exactly the NO TUNING AIRBOX works, you can see here

Video tutorial: This is what you have to consider during application

Video tutorial How the No Tuning Airbox works


4 reviews for No tuning airbox

  1. Biuidog (verified owner)


    The box works on Hurrican! works on Hurrican! works on Hurrican!(Roaring…)
    About 1.5 bar for a night, 2 times per week would get significant effect.
    The refresh effect is stronger than most boosters while weaker than speed glues. For guys who use Hurrican above 40 degree, the box would enchance the trajectory thus reduce the chance to drop the ball.
    So the box would be friendly for Hurrican user who only plays table tennis on weekend because it doesn’t have rubber lifetime loss caused by using the booster.
    However the box raises challenges about gluing, I suggest everyone apply wet gluing (details can be found in soulspin website) or use rubber stickers with this box.

  2. Peter Wang (verified owner)

    I’ve been a loyal user of Soulspin for quite some time, starting with the Nittaku Master Series. I’ve customized a few blades from Soulspin, and currently, I’m using the Donic 89 Champion Series Persson blade. Soulspin has been a part of my growth as a player, and I have a particular fondness for spruce wood surfaces, which suits my playing style. With my table tennis achievements (2019 Guangdong Province Table Tennis Championship men’s singles champion, 2023 Guangdong Province Table Tennis Championship men’s singles champion, and 2023 China “Double Happiness” National Table Tennis Championship team champion), I feel qualified to review Soulspin’s latest products. Regarding the Airbox, I’ve used it four times as per the instructions and noticed that the rubber edges became tougher and sharper, akin to being freshly cut, and the surface of the rubber hardened upon pressing, offering a tangible static sensation. In play, I typically engaged in forehand (using Butterfly T05 ) attacks and continuous looping, feeling solid and powerful. The ball landed further back on the opponent’s table, particularly during forehand rallies. My teammate, who knows my style well, remarked that my ball speed had increased, maintaining a very high rhythm in each stroke. My backhand style is similar to Japan’s Mima Ito, making it a valuable reference. The backhand rubber is extremely bouncy and fast, with significant killing power, though it also increases the difficulty of control, especially when my teammate attacks and I defend, requiring further adjustment of the blade. I’m considering that my forehand might need 15PSI, while 10PSI might suffice for my backhand. If the Airbox could adjust different pressures for forehand and backhand, wouldn’t that be perfect? Additionally, my teammate left his racket in the Airbox for two full days; his forehand uses the Chinese Double Happiness Hurricane. He concluded positively, noting increased efficiency, enhanced attack, and defense, and is considering purchasing one. Overall, the Airbox is a groundbreaking product, especially in China, where its significance is yet to be fully recognized. As for me, I plan to continue using it and will keep an eye on new products from Soulspin. Thank you very much, and I hope my review is helpful to others.

  3. Daniel

    Dear Soulspin team, I have been using the Airbox for a few weeks now and am very happy with it. My Tenergy 05 rubbers (around three months on blade 1 and around six months on blade 2) have been significantly refreshed and activated by using the Airbox. I only used it at 1.0 to 1.5 bar overnight and I can already feel a lot more dynamics and enjoyment when playing, whereby the most important thing is that the original playing characteristics, including control, are retained. I have the feeling that I have returned from the original 100% of the rubber to 80-90% and can therefore play the rubbers for much longer. You also have more fun playing with the material and some sound. The box itself is very high quality and very easy to use. Top product. Because there is no wear or consumption, the box can be used forever and there are no additional costs.

  4. Roland Malecki

    Hello, since ca. 2-3 weeks I have the No Tuning Airbox in use. Overall impression I find very good and also use after a few times no problem. Now to the interesting thing: I play almost new Nittaku Fastarc G1, so of course I can not say so much. BUT: I have a ca 9 years old Tenergy 05 MAX on a racket not played by me so the surface is practically new – only unplayable because sponge completely hard. (Is also the weak point of the Tenergy – sponge wears off very quickly) After about 3 days in the box (still mounted on the blade) at 25-30 Psi I removed the rubber and it feels super elastic and soft and is about 5mm LARGER than before. Previously blade size S Soulspin and then I glued the rubber completely on a Stiga. And it plays great – like new. The same I could observe (less because newer) with the Nittaku. Therefore, from me maximum stars and clear purchase recommendation.

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