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Table tennis blade for all-round players with very high control values (All+)

This table tennis blade has been designed to be particularly easy to control. It is suitable for all hitting techniques, whether block, shot, slip or spin-rich topspins – a good basis for all game situations.

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The ROOTS 4 is preconfigured as follows :

  • blade size: L
  • handle forehand: K3 C narrow
  • Handle backhand: K4 C narrow
  • Handle length: long 103mm

You don’t like the handle color? Or you prefer to play a straight handle ? No problem – just reconfigure the ROOTS 4 and adjust it according to your ideas!





Table tennis blade for allround players

This table tennis blade for allround players is designed to be good and safe to control and to help you place precise balls. The combination of light Kiri and relatively hard Limba wood on the outside, can be played particularly sensitive and controlled. It is therefore very suitable for exact blocking and shooting.

The ROOTS 4 CONTROL is a medium-hard table tennis blade, which is well suited for all striking techniques, whether block, shot, slip or spin-rich topspins – a good basis for all playing situations. Incredibly high control and a very precise touch feeling.

You can act with much speed and pressure, without losing control – with this blade you are prepared in all positions. The large blade size L enlarges the optimal hitting area. Therefore this blade forgives many mistakes, even if one does not stand quite optimally.

Even if blade size L makes the CONTROL a little slower, it scores in terms of hit rate and security all the more. However, the speed is still sufficient to be able to build up speed and pressure in the offensive game.

Facts about ROOTS 4 CONTROL in blade size L:

  • very good to control, both in the defensive and in the offensive
  • especially large hit zone due to the large blade size L
  • forgives many mistakes
  • very sensitive and precise
  • relatively soft ball stop
  • fast all-round blade (ALL+)
  • temperate, well controllable pace without being too slow
  • medium ball bounce
  • multi-purpose, well suited for block, shot, slice, topspins
  • focus on exact and precise feel for the ball


Playing characteristics and structure of the Roots 4

The veneer structure

  • OUTER VENEER: 0.6 mm Limba
  • CORE: 3.8 mm Kiri
  • THICKNESS: approx. 7 mm
  • LAYERS: 5-layer blade

The playing characteristics

  • GAME TYPE: allround blade
  • SPEED: medium fast
  • HARDNESS: relatively soft
  • CONTROL: very high
  • BALANCE: slightly top heavy


handle and blade size

  • HANDLE FORM: flared
  • HANDLE LENGTH: long 103mm
  • right-handed

The long strong handle provides safety and solid hold. Its flared shape prevents it from slipping out of the hand. The outer curvature of the lower handle shell adapts perfectly to the palm of the hand while the inner curvature of the upper handle shell embeds the fingers perfectly in a depression.


Made in Germany

Every one of our table tennis blades is produced with passion and attention to detail in our workshop in Neuwied.

2 reviews for Roots 4 Control

  1. Marcos Bidart de Novaes

    I am extremely happy with my Soulspin Control blade. I used to play with a fast XIOM Hayabusa blade but it was each time more clear that my control game was my strength. So, I decided to change with wonderful results. I am a 60+ veteran and I am blocking very well even balls from advanced players. Besides that, the super service of Soulspin family was warm and professional. Soon I will get the secondo one, as a reserve. Thanks a lot again.

  2. Marcos Bidart de Novaes

    I am very happy. I used to play with a fast blade, XIOM Hayabusa Z, but it was getting more and more clear that my control game is very strong and was being jeopardized by the fast blade. So I decided to fullfill and old dream and get the Control blade from Soulspin. The best part. I got it as a present from my wife… My game made a huge progress, in my category (60+) there is no need to fast blades. Pimps I will use when I`m 80.

    • SOULSPIN-Team

      Dear Marcos, thank you so much for your reviews. All the best for you and your family and we will talk again because of the 2nd Control.
      We send warm greetings to Brazil

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