ADD ON Janova Smart Racket Upgrade

UVP: 180,00

Includes 19% VAT
Delivery Time: ca. 14 weekdays

Transforms your SOULSPIN blade into a smart table tennis bat

Installation of the JANOVA sensor in newly ordered SOULSPIN blades

Please note the conditions below


Turn your SOULSPIN blade into a smart table tennis bat

With the installation of the JANOVA sensor, your table tennis racket becomes smart – i.e. you can connect it to your smartphone and train using the app.

You can find more information about the JANOVA sensor and the app here >>

Requirements: Upgrade for newly ordered rackets

This upgrade is only possible in combination with the purchase of a new SOULSPIN blade.

By purchasing the upgrade, you agree that we may transfer your customer data to JANOVA GmbH. This is necessary to ensure a flawless process and customer service.


Retrofitting an existing table tennis bat with a sensor

Do you already have a table tennis bat that you would like to upgrade? That’s not a problem at all. All you have to do is order the subsequent upgrade directly from JANOVA. (Please check, if this option is available for your country) We explain exactly how this works here. This upgrade can be ordered for table tennis bats from all manufacturers.

More info >>


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