Table Tennis Racket for Steffen Mengel

Table tennis blade custom-made

Steffen Mengel wanted a very special table tennis blade: one with a very special blade shape. As he wanted to have more contact surface for his index finger, we adapted his rackets blade according to his wishes.

This is what Steffen Mengel’s current racket looks like:

Table tennis equipment from Steffen Mengel

Buy table tennis racket from Steffen Mengel

Steffens racket is now officially available to buy

You can order it in the original version. I.e. with the specially shaped club face and exactly the same grip that Steffen plays himself. Alternatively, we also build this table tennis blade in a lighter version and with a normal blade for you.

Here we explain exactly in which variants you can order the “STEFFEN MENGEL AR” >>

We are delighted that things are currently going so well for him with this club and are keeping our fingers crossed that it continues like this!

Have fun with it!

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