Balance board


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High quality balance board to improve balance, coordination and stabilization of deep muscles.


What are the benefits of training on a balance board?

  • improves sense of balance / equilibrium
  • trains and stabilizes the deep muscles (core muscles)
  • Strengthening the muscles, ligaments, vision
  • for more stability in ankle joints, knee and hip
  • improves posture and movement coordination
  • trains sensorimotor functions and reflexes
  • Improve flexibility
  • to keep the balance not only lower limbs but also muscles in back, shoulders, arms are used


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions board: 795 x 260 x 16 mm

Weight: 2,1 Kg
Material: Beech glued veneer (Higher quality than plywood)
Shape: Longboard
Logo: epoxy resin (color requirements are possible)
Dimensions roll: 300 x 100 mm
Weight: 700 g
Material: 100% cork

Usable up to 120 kg

What you should keep in mind when training with the Balance Board:

  • Choose a place with enough space on all sides
  • Do not train too close to sharp-edged furniture or corners
  • Use the board on a carpet or exercise mat. Tile or laminate may be too slippery
  • The surface must not be too soft, otherwise the rolling motion will be slowed down
  • Barefoot you have more feeling, but you can also use the board with shoes
  • Hold on to a person or wall at the beginning. After a little training you will have enough confidence to use the board without assistance

Additional information

Face veneer

maple, Paulista, Elm

Logo color

red-black, black, Gradient blue, Gradient pink, blue + yellow


only board without roller, Board with roller


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