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Extremely light penholder (ALL)

Chinese penholder with very low weight and relatively soft ball stroke. Ideal for allround players who are looking for a very light penholder blade to relieve their wrist.

The Ultralight C-PEN is preconfigured as follows:

  • Blade size: CPEN
  • Handle: Penholder
  • Handle length: ca. 82 mm


Very light Penholder

The Ultralight is a very light penholder with Chinese penholder grip. It is the lightest table tennis blade in our range and is particularly suitable for players who want to relieve their wrists.

The medium speed makes it a good all-round blade. Thanks to the outer veneers made of Spruce wood, the Ultralight has a relatively soft ball stroke with a lot of feeling.

Like all our penholder blades, it has a slightly egg-shaped blade in the typical penholder shape. The Chinese penholder grip has a length of approx. 82mm.

Facts about ULTRALIGHT:

  • very low weight
  • medium speed
  • relatively soft ball stroke with a lot of feeling
  • easy to control

Made in Germany

Each of our table tennis blades is produced with passion and attention to detail in our workshop in Neuwied.


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