Test blade Z-Carbon Speed


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Test Z-Carbon Speed

You can test our test blades for 7 days at home or in training.

Included in the test set:

  • 1x test blade Z-CARBON SPEED
  • 1x P12 glued on the forehand
  • Glue and sponges
  • free return slip (only for shipping within Germany)

You will receive a voucher of 7.5% discount on table tennis blades (see below) for every order of test material.

Shipping costs within Europe 19,90 Euro + plus return as insured parcel


Test blade Z-Carbon Speed


Test our fastest and hardest table tennis blade

If you would like to test the Z-CARBON SPEED, you can simply order our test material. You can keep these blades for 7 days and test them thoroughly at your training session or at home.

All test blades are shipped with a P12 on the forehand. You can cover the backhand with your own rubber – so you have a direct comparison. Adhesives and sponges for gluing on rubbers are included in the package. Please use only this glue for this purpose.

After the test you simply send the blade back to us with the enclosed return slip (only within Germany).

Receive voucher and save

Every customer who orders test material receives a voucher code amounting to 7.5% discount on a table tennis blade. This voucher is valid 14 days after dispatch of the test material and can be redeemed starting from a purchase value of 100, – Euro on the purchase of a blade. So you can save directly when ordering your own table tennis blade.

Shipping costs

The test itself is free of charge. Only the shipping costs of 19,90 Euro within Europe have to be paid by the tester. Please note that you have to pay for the return as insured parcel as well.

Please note: we can only ship test blades and boxes within Europe.

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