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Medium fast penholder (All+)

The MEDIUM SPEED is a relatively hard all-round blade with a Chinese penholder grip. It has a medium speed and a large sweet spot. It is especially suitable for precise blocking and shooting.

The MEDIUM SPEED C-PEN is preconfigured as follows:

  • Blade size: CPEN
  • Handle: Penholder
  • Handle length: ca. 82 mm


Medium fast penholder blade

The MEDIUM SPEED is a 5-layer solid blade with a Chinese penholder handle for active and passive all-round players.  Due to the Koto veneer, this blade has a slightly harder ball stroke and is therefore particularly suitable for precise blocking and shooting. Like all our penholder blades, it has a slightly egg-shaped blade.

The MEDIUM SPEED is a medium fast penholder blade, with which you can still produce a high speed in the offensive. With this blade you only feel minimal vibrations and therefore have a very good feeling for the ball.

Facts about MEDIUM SPEED:

  • relatively hard ball stroke
  • perfect for precise blocking and shooting
  • medium speed
  • large sweet spot
  • easy to control
  • minimal vibrations
  • well suited for active and passive all-round players
  • good blade for beginners


Playing characteristics and structure

The veneer structure

  • OUTER VENEER: 0,6 mm Koto
  • INTERMEDIATE LAYER: 1,0 mm Spruce
  • CENTER VENEER: 3,2 mm Kiri
  • THICKNESS: ca. 6,4 mm
  • LAYERS: 5-ply

The playing characteristics

  • GAME TYPE: allround
  • SPEED: medium fast
  • HARDNESS: hard
  • CONTROL: relatively high


Made in Germany

Each of our table tennis blades is produced with passion and attention to detail in our workshop in Neuwied.

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