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Penholder for all-round players (ALL++)

Penholder for all-round players which is particularly easy and safe to control with chinese penholder handle.The blade has a slightly egg-shaped blade, which is usual for penholder blades. It is suitable for all stroke techniques, whether block, shot, slip or spin-rich topspins – a good basis for all playing situations.

Detailed product description see below.

  • Blade size: CPEN
  • Handle: Penholder
  • Handle length: ca. 82 mm


Penholder for all-round players

We designed this Chinese penholder for all-round players to be particularly easy and safe to control. It offers an enormous amount of control so that you can place each ball very precisely. The combination of lightweight Kiri and relatively hard Limba wood on the outside is particularly sensitive and controlled. Like all our penholder blades, it has a slightly egg-shaped blade in the typical penholder shape.

Medium-hard blade, which is suitable for all hitting techniques, whether block, shot, slip or spin-rich topspins. A good base for all playing situations. Incredibly high control and a very precise ball stroke.

It can be played with a lot of speed and pressure without losing control. With this blade you are prepared in all positions.

Its large sweet spot gives it a high level of control and safety with passive balls, yet a lot of speed and pressure can be generated in the offensive.

Facts about CONTROL:

  • very easy to control, both in the defensive and in the offensive
  • particularly sensitive and precise
  • relatively soft ball stop
  • fast all-round blade (ALL++)
  • medium bounce
  • versatile use, well suited for block, shot, slice, topspin


Playing characteristics and structure

The veneer structure

  • OUTER VENEER: 0,6 mm Limba
  • CENTER VENEER: 3,8 mm Kiri
  • THICKNESS: ca. 7 mm
  • LAYERS: 5-ply blade

The playing characteristics

  • GAME TYPE: all-round
  • SPEED: medium fast
  • HARDNESS: relatively soft
  • CONTROL: very high

Made in Germany

Each of our table tennis blades is produced with passion and attention to detail in our workshop in Neuwied.

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